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Main principles of our work

Our priority is high quality of implementation of every individual order, which is our pledge of success in stable co-operation with our customers and partners.

Our translators possess special higher education and necessary experience in the field of written translations.


Within the period of our activities we have managed:


- to elabroate our own system of selection and qualification level control of the translators with whom we make co-operation;


- form a team of professional and experienced translators, every of which is specializing in hos own subject of translation, possesses specialized terminology and is capable of absolute understanding of the text to be translated, thanks to which we can guarantee a high-quality translation practically in any subject;


- elaborate convenient sytem of interaction and co-operation of customers with our agency.


Rodion Translation attaches great importance to the keeping of confidentiality of the information, which is given by customers for written translation. We perfectly understand, how valuable is information nowadays, that's why we have elaborated our own system of measures on potection of information, and we apply it in every case, independently of having signed a special agreement on that issue with the customer company.

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