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It is necessary to note the following advantages of construction of a wood frame house:

* Absence of deformations allows to make internal trimming and furnishing of the wood frame house right after construction. The owner of such house can leave the wood frame house without heating in the winter period not being worried about the condition of internal furnishing: it will stay stable.

* Standard sizes of bearing elements of the wood frame house allow to choose any kind of furnishing materials, both outside, and inside. Owing to it wood frame houses can be made both of wood and bricks, and the same type of houses constructed for different customers will look absolutely differently. All depends only on opportunities and wishes of the client.

* Design features do not impose any restrictions on design of the house at construction of wood frame houses, therefore any house that you like can be made according to the frame technology.

* Depending on purpose and territorial arrangement of the wood frame house, the wall thickness and the warming systems parametres are calculated individually in order to provide the maximum safety of the heat and thus decrease the heating costs of the house owner.

* Lower price of the wood frame house in comparison with houses with similar thermal characteristics is reached owing to the use of modern warm isolation materials.

* Lightness of the wooden framework considerably reduces the load on the land which allows to apply more economic types of the basement and to save means without damaging the quality of the design.

* Durability of the design of a wood frame house is reached due to the processing and the latent placement of the wood frame.

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