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The company Rodion Trading is engaged in trade activities on the territory of the European Union, as well as in Russia, China, and other regions of the world. Besides that, we provide leasing of construction, agricultural and cleaning machines.

We are looking forward to long-term co-operation with you and we will try our best to fulfil your expectations and to provide quick and quality implementation of your orders.

Best regards,
Rodion Trading

Exchange rates
Швейцарский франк(CHF)//-//
Эстонская крона(EEK)//-//
Фунт стерлингов(GBP)//-//
Японская иена(JPY)//-//
Литовский лит(LTL)//-//
Латвийский лат(LVL)//-//
Норвежская крона(NOK)//-//
Польский злотый(PLN)//-//
Курс Российского Рубля Информер(RUB)//-//
Шведская крона(SEK)//-//
Доллар США(USD)//-//
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