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How we work


We possess a vast database of professional workers in various fields of production and services, who are selected on the basis of strict competition, including the obligation to provide:


-          detailed application form;

-          copies of professional education diplomas;

-          copies of quality and safety certificates;

-          detailed list of previous employers with references and contact data;

-          confirmation of English language (or one of Scandinavian languages) knowledge.


The payment is based on the number of worked hours (per week or per month) or on a fixed sum agreed between our agency and the customer.  

We provide our employees with all necessary documentation, including health certificates, health insurance, registration in the country of work, working permit (if needed), etc.

All taxes are being paid according to the legislation of Estonia and the country of work, as well as international agreements signed by both countries.

After the customer finally approves the most suitable candidate, we sign two contracts. Our Norwegian office signs a general service agreement with the customer, and our Estonian office signs a labour contract with the worker.

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